Crystals For Studying

Do you know someone studying for an important exam? This is the perfect good luck gift to set them on the path to success.

Hard workers deserve a boost, and these stones are believed to each have attributes to support a student in need. A-Level and GCSE time is here, as well as degree finals and ongoing study in all areas of life. Wish someone good luck and show them you're proud by giving this collection of crystals for students. This set includes the following stones:

hematite - stimulates concentration and enhances memory.

amethyst point - to aid with focus, and to bring calm.

jade - for good fortune.

kambaba jasper - aids determination and quick thinking; makes you aware of your capabilities.

green moss agate - improves self esteem.

apatite - increases motivation, and personal will-power.

pyrite - for productivity, confidence, motivation and good luck

Each stone is unique and with have it's own character - the images give a good indication of what each specimen will look like, but no two are identical.

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