About Us

We - a family team - started Auntie Mims with a hankering to create products that are not common-place and conventional, but unexpectedly personal and sentimental. Like all of you, our most favourite thing is feeling happy (... especially the big kind of happy that makes you feel like you might burst!) And we believe that with a little thought, there is fun to be found within 'ordinary’; and with a little effort, the 'mundane’ can make you smile.

The Mims Manifesto

‘Auntie Mims’ comes directly from the name I’ve been known as since I was a tiddler – I was always Little Mims, then I was Big Mims, and when I became an aunt, I was Auntie Mims. That seemed perfect as a name to encompass all we stand for as a family business.

Create a story, and let our products play a part. They are sure to raise a smile, and that will, in turn, make us happy.

Job done!


 We'd love to hear from you soon,


aka Auntie Mims

and sometimes aka 'the spoon lady'