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Auntie Mims is now offering fellow creative businesses, friends and indeed anyone the chance to take advantage of our vinyl label printing service. 

Perhaps you just need a bunch of round labels for your product or packaging, or maybe you would like dozens of different labels for a promotion? It might be that you need some new signage for your studio door or vehicle?

Auntie Mims to the rescue! We sell our sticker sheets at a fixed cost of £10 for 600mmx600mm. 

Our price reflects the production costs - this service is primarily aimed at the creative who can create their own artwork though we will offer this in due course. We want our costs to be transparent and simple - the same whether you order 1 sheet or 100... but thereby allowing you to create a limited run of a small number of stickers of the same or multiple different designs.

UK Delivery is fixed at £2 and stickers will either be rolled or cut into smaller groups depending on the artwork and volume.


If it is just round or square stickers you are after you can go here...


For rectangles from 3x1cm to 6x5 cm


OR If you are looking to create your own designs, a bit more freestyle, go here...

After ordering please send artwork to with your order number reference.


CUTTING LINES: These should be in a colour unique to the document and all 0.25mm in thickness.

OBJECTS: All objects on the page should be UNGROUPED (check your layers)

BLEED: If you want colour to bleed over the edge of stickers ensure cut lines are within the colour itself - tolerance is < 0.25mm but you don't want white edges where you expect colour!

CUTS WITHIN CUTS: You can cut shapes out from within stickers - this is fine - so, for example, you could cut a heart out of a bigger sticker as if paper punched.