Badge And Patch Advent Calendar Christmas Stocking

This unique advent calendar will double up as a cute Christmas stocking. You can choose to have the stocking personalised with the name of your choice; the stocking will read: 'Merry Christmas ..... (name)'. If you leave the personalisation field blank, we will just print 'Merry Christmas'. 

This advent Calendar is something completely new. It is a 'treat' calendar, but one which doesn't contain anything edible. This badge and iron-on embroidered patch calendar is full of daily fun (all the badges and patches come on a backing card with a fun fact or joke), and on opening each day the contents can be used to create something original and useful.

Once completely decorated, on Christmas Eve, it is a functional Christmas stocking! (The contents can be attached to the stocking, or saved to go on some dungarees!) The badge and patch advent calendar is designed to be a creative way to fuel the anticipation and excitement leading up to Christmas. Perfect for little (or big) pin and patch fans, or for crafty types who like being creative.

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