Crystals For Happiness

A gift of happiness. This little bag of joy is sure to be warmly received by a crystal fan.

A collection of stones, all believed to clear away negative energy and to make way for joy and light - just like rays of sunshine that brighten your day. The following stones are examples of what might be in the bag - where any of these stones are unavailable, alternatives will be included to match the value of those shown here.

citrine - absorbs negative energy and imparts joy.

tigers eye - lifts the mood and gives you courage

orange calcite - a balancing stone which keeps negative vibes at bay

ocean jasper - lifts spirits, generates optimism and confidence

clear quartz -clears the mind and amplifies the energy of the other stones


The crystals are individually wrapped and each set is presented in a gift bag and comes with an information card detailing the attributes of each stone.

The health and wellness benefits described are not to be considered as a substitute for conventional medicine. If you have a serious health issue, please consult a healthcare professional for advice.