Embroidered Merit Patch Set For Super Mums

This set of five iron on Embroidered Merit Patch Set For Super Mums are a lighthearted way to celebrate some of those 'motherhood' moments.

Does he remember being a Cub or Scout? Well, these should bring back some memories but with a twist!

Being a mum is not always easy - but we are in it together. Recognise all those motherly responsibilities, and daily chores, and much needed pick-me-ups, by awarding these alternative merit badges.

Choose five iron on embroidered patches to make up your set.

The patches can be ironed or sewn onto blankets, rucksacks and adventure bags, jackets, scarves or hats; use your imagination!! The embroidered merit patch set comes with full instuctions of how to attach the patches.

Our merit patches are inspired by badges awarded at cubs or scouts or brownies and guides - we remember those proud 'badge' moments with a smile!

Choose five from the collection. We have a very wide range of alternative merit patches for children and adults - add more patches available in our other listings.

made from:

Embroidered fabric with a heat activated fusable film for attaching the patches.


the regular circular patches measure 4cm in diameter. Other patches vary in size according to shape and design.