Favourite Places Metal Road Sign

This metal road sign is a perfect gift for so many occasions! Give it to your dad for Christmas, or your teenage student as a memoir of their travels, or grandma from the kids, or perfect for your partner for a romantic gift or a tin anniversary (ten years).

This Favourite Places Metal Road Sign is unique to you. Displayyour favourite places, or destinations in the style of a UK road sign.

Use the road sign as a way of listing the places of your favourite holidays or destinations, places of special memories with personal meaning, your home, or destinations you are hoping to visit. There is space to include up to five destinations, as well as a header section.

The Auntie Mims designers will gather the information on your order and create your bespoke piece for you. The signs will be laid out to to look balanced and well fit.

The first section on the road sign will be a blue section with the motorway icon. Two lines of text are available here under the main destination.

The other three or four text boxes can be dark brown, blue or white, with or without pictoral icons, and we suggest a combination works best. We can fit two lines/words within each of these sections, though just a single word looks just as effective.

There are 30 available icons if you should wish to include some - choose the icon from the selection shown and make a note in the personalisation field for each destination. Leave blank if you'd prefer no icon.



made from:

Printed aluminium sheet.


Approximately 200 x 290mm