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Free Form Printed Labels

Free Form Printed Labels


Auntie Mims offers you the chance to create your own design of printed labels - fill a sheet of 600x600mm with as many designs and shapes as you wish. 

Your file should be a PDF or illustrator file - CMYK is best.

CUT LINES - Any cut lines should be 0.25mm line width (or less) and in a single colour not found elsewhere in the document.

Choose from white MATT or GLOSS vinyl as your background (100 micron).

Try to avoid solid colour printed backgrounds over large areas (in excess of 5cmx5cm) as this makes the labels difficult to handle. 

You are welcome to add print outside of the cut areas as headings and so forth (for example, you could lay up 8 sticker sheets of 15cmx30cm on one 600x600 document). You might also want to add your own crop marks and similar within the document if you are going to divide the sheets further for your own resale...

The label material is exterior grade (3 years) and is suitable for interior and exterior signage applications as well as branding, POS and so forth.

Labels are kiss cut.

SEND ARTWORK TO after your order with your order number as the subject.

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