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Hygge Inspired Enamel Glogg Mug

Hygge Inspired Enamel Glogg Mug


A hygge themed enamel glogg mug for hygge fans and mulled wine lovers alike. This enamel mug makes a perfect hand warmer too!

Glogg is a sweet, spicy and warming Swedish mulled wine. Perfect for a windy autumn night, or for a traditional Christmas tipple; we include a recipe with the mug for you to make your own. The word gløgg comes from an old nordic word meaning burning ember. Choose between the umlaut: Glögg, or o with stroke: gløg,. Both spellings are correct, but are regional variations of the word. The umlaut version has the words 'glug, glug, glug' underneath.

The mug is printed with the slogan in an inky blue on one side and the gløgg/glögg definition on the other.

made from:

Enamel mug, handwash.


Height: 80mm

Outside Diameter: 86mm

Total Circumference: 256mm

Handle to Handle Circumference: 241 mm

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