Personalised Wand

 Could it be magic? Well that depends on your superpowers! Auntie Mims brings you individual, one of a kind, unique wands for adults and children alike.

Every one of these handmade Auntie Mims magic wands are unique; turned from a selection of beautiful and interesting looking exotic woods, by our in-house wand-maker, Lord Eric. No two of the Auntie Mims wands are the same, and they are made even more individual when we engrave them with your choice of wording - for example, a favourite spell, or saying, or even the name of the wizarding wand bearer. 

 Engraving on one side of the wand shaft is included in the price of the wand, though you can choose to add an additional saying or short spell (up to 60 characters) on the reverse of the wand shaft, and the initials of the owner can be engraved on the handle or elsewhere on the wand depending on the style of wand.

You can also choose to add a beautiful keepsake box to your purchase, marked  with your wand's unique number. These will be either tubes or lidded boxes depending on stock.

The choices of wood can be see in the listing - currently we only have walnut. Wood options at any given time will depend on availability of wood stock - we aim to keep this information as up to date as we can, but if we have no wands available in the wood you select, we will choose a wand for you in a similar and equally beautiful wood. 

The wand will be individually hand turned for you in your choice of wood, then oiled and waxed for a long lasting finish. The pictures shown give you an idea of the various styles, but no two will ever be the same and your wand will be unique to you. Your wand chooses you, after all!

made from:

Choice of wood as shown above, food grade oil and wax. Not suitable for children under 3 years and all children should be supervised in their role play. Auntie Mims accepts no responsibility for spells cast!


The length of the wands vary between approximately 30cm - 38cm and diameter in the range 10-15mm.

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